DK5 as Linked Data

DBC is developing a version of The Danish Decimal Classification 5th edition (DK5) as Linked Open Data.

It includes all 3551 DK5 classes and relatedMatch links to the LOD dataset of the Dewey Decimal Classification at

Data Model

The data model is available enclosed below.

DBC's data model for DK5 [December 2013]

Data is described using properties from the SKOS vocabulary.

Access to the DK5 as Linked Open Data

The Danish Decimal Classification 5th edition (DK5) as Linked Open Data is currently available at:
SPARQL endpoint: (graph URI: rmi://

The full triple files are available in turtle as well as in RDF/XML. Please see the attached files below.

These files are distributed under a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication licence. Please note this is subject to the caveats outlined in the Known issues section below.

SPARQL query

SPARQL endpoint:

Graph URI: rmi://


Example 1: Find 25 first triples in the data set

Query Text:
SELECT $s $p $o
WHERE { $s $p $o }


Example 2: Triples whit skos:relatedMatch as predicate, showing connection between dk5 og dewey

Query Text:

PREFIX skos:<>

SELECT $s $p $o
WHERE { $s $p $o .
        $s skos:relatedMatch $o ;


Example 3: Triples showing DK5 notations with relation to Dewey class 741

Query Text:

PREFIX skos:<>

SELECT $s $p $o
WHERE { $s $p $o ;
           skos:relatedMatch $o ;
           skos:relatedMatch <>


Current Status

The current contribution represents a work in progress.
At this time, the dataset is not guaranteed to be stable; its contents may change at any time without warning as a part of ongoing development.
It is our intention to refresh the dataset on a regular basis. We are continuing to work on resolving some known issues (see below) and we welcome further constructive feedback on work to date. Please let us know what you think by contacting us by email at

Known issues

The DK5 URI's are not yet dereferencable.

The links between DK5 and Dewey are only at the upper levels of the hierarchies.