Linked data (in English)

This is the result of a project and the content is no longer updated.



The initial test version includes published books and the corresponding authority data for the creators for the period 2010-2012, with future releases extending coverage to include movies, music and more links external sources such as DBPedia and Virtual International Authority File (VIAF). The following version will cover the period 2000-2012.

Data Model & Schema

The data model for books (based on the British Library data model) is available here [version 2.0, September 2012]

The latest version of the DBC Library Terms schema has been published here

The namespace declaration for this schema is

Data is described using properties from the following vocabularies:

RDF Schema
Bibliographic Ontology
Bio: A Vocabulary for Biographical Information
British Library Terms
DBC Library Terms
Dublin Core
Event Ontology
FOAF: Friend of a Friend
WGS84 Geo Positioning
RDF Schema

Links to the following linked open data sources have been provided:
GeoNames (for country of publication)

Access to the Danish National Bibliography as Linked Open Data

The subset of the Danish National Bibliography, covering books and authority data for the creators published or distributed in Denmark since 2010, is currently available at:
SPARQL endpoint: (graph URI: rmi://

The full triple files are available here:

Books in turtle

Authority data in turtle

Books in RDF/XML

Authority data in RDF/XML

This subset of approximately 47,000 book records generated in the region of 980,000 triples and the approximately 27,000 authority records generated about 240,000 triples.

These files are distributed under a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication licence. Please note this is subject to the caveats outlined in the Known issues section below.


Links to example files:

In turtle


SPARQL query

Example: Find 25 books in English in the Danish National Bibliography, show their titles, creators and - if available - birth year of the creator.
SPARQL endpoint:

Graph URI: rmi://

Query Text:

PREFIX dct:<> 
PREFIX foaf:<>
PREFIX lexvo:<>
PREFIX bio:<> 
PREFIX rdfs:<>

SELECT $title $creatorName $birth
WHERE { $s dct:title $title ;
                    dct:language $language ;
                    dct:language lexvo:eng ;
                    dct:creator $creator .
               $creator foaf:name $creatorName .
OPTIONAL { $creator bio:event $b .
                    $b rdfs:label $birth . }

Current Status

The current contribution represents a work in progress.
At this time, the dataset is not guaranteed to be stable; its contents may change at any time without warning as a part of ongoing development.
We expect in the near future that the identifiers for the authority data will change.

It is our intention to refresh the dataset on a regular basis. We are continuing to work on resolving some known issues (see below) and we welcome further constructive feedback on work to date. Please let us know what you think by contacting us by email at

Known issues:

1. The URI's are not yet dereferencable.
2. Normalisation of certain data elements, e.g. place & agent entities of the publication event is inconsistent.
3. Not all books have links to authority data therefore the creator information might be missing.